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Amherst NY DWI DUI Attorney Karl Myles  

If you have been arrested for DUI/DWI in Amherst N.Y, Call me I will meet with you Anywhere at Anytime, Including weekends, at no cost to you.

Representing Western New York ​ DWI DUI Clients

    I only represent people with Drunk Driving (DWI, DUI) Criminal Charges.   Any other type of cases besides DWI and DUI are referred out to competent colleagues.  I think that it is important for me to focuse exclusively on Alcohol related charges since the Driving While intoxicated Laws are constantly changing becoming more punitive each year.  Drug and Alcohol abuse and addiction behind the wheel is a ever increasing problem for all parties involved. Prescription Medications taken even as prescribed seem to still be on the rise as to such arrests.


Lite M. Finocchiaro

“Mr. Myles: Words can t express how relieved I am that I chose you to represent me in my DWI case. When I got pulled over, I was beside myself with grief. I was weeks away from graduating from UB, and there I was, in handcuffs being read my rights. . . .”

Dr. Gilbert Cleeton, B.Sc., M.Ed., Ph.D

Mr. Karl Myles acted professionally at all times in representing our daughter in a multi-offence traffic court case. He started by visiting our home and supporting our daughter in giving detailed account of her actions. His reassuring manner gave confidence to reveal further important detail. This questioning was reinforced in frequent telephone calls leading up to the court hearing. He held pre-hearing meetings with court officials before the hearing. Again he inspired confidence in our daughter. He treated the Judge with respect and we could see that this was reciprocated. A favorable outcome was achieved. Above and beyond this we would like to commend Mr. Myles for his pastoral care of our daughter, which has actually changed her negative feelings into a restoration of self-esteem. 
It is not possible here to tell you what will happen with your Amherst NY DWI DUI case in particular.  However, if we assume a few facts, I can give you a clear idea of an acceptable outcome.  Assuming that the case cannot be won and must be plead, an acceptable outcome would be a plea to a Violation and not to a Crime. New York State has Crimes and Violation. 

Factors The Amherst Court and The Assistant District Attorney will be looking at in Negotiating a Plea Bargain:

What will happen with my case?

Do you have a Criminal Record?
Do you have Prior Alcohol related Arrest?
Did you take a Chemical Test over a .13? Or over a .18?
Do you have a Drug or Alcohol Addiction, or was this a single event of abuse?
Would the Police Officers Describe you as being Cooperative, Non-Confrontational Non-Deceptive and Pleasant?
Was there an Accident? Or Injury?
Do you have the strong support of family and friends?
Are you a Student or a Professional that deserves closer consideration because this single event can have a much more devastating effect then a non-student or non-professional?
​Are there other charges major traffic charges?
​What is your age, life history goals?

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Here you will find links as to what the court may require in resolving your case.  If you wish to get more detailed information.  Please call me and talk to me personally about your case.  You can call me anytime day or night about your new case.  If you need to meet with me I can go to where you are and meet with you are your Home, Hotel, Jail or Anywhere else

Penalties for Alcohol-related or Drug-related Violations


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